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VAT registration in the Czech Republic

VAT registration in the Czech Republic is obligatory for a person who has a registered seat, place of business, or establishment in the Czech Republic, if their turnover exceeds CZK 1 million in twelve consecutive calendar months. Even if the threshold is not exceeded, Czech and foreign entities can choose a voluntary VAT registration in the Czech Republic.
Entities that have no seat, place of business, or a fixed establishment in the Czech Republic are obliged to register for Czech VAT once they make a taxable supply in the Czech Republic on which they have to account for a VAT. There is no VAT registration threshold and these entities cannot register voluntary. The foreign entity must submit an application for registration as a VAT payer within 15 days after they made the taxable supply – they became VAT payer in the Czech Republic automatically – even without VAT registration.

We are registration agent for foreign companies. Each foreign person which asks for the VAT registration needs to have an address in the Czech Repulic. For these reasons the power of attorney is necessary to obtain.

In case you are interested in the VAT registration, please contact Mr. Marek Vanek via the following e-mail.

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